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Delivery Planning System

Delivery Planning System is a software package to support delivery planning for consignors and forwarders. The system enables anyone to calculate the best delivery plan with minimum number of vehicles by considering the loading and round efficiency simultaneously. Thus, contributes to the cost reduction and environmental improvement at distribution site.


  • In case of a single site -> Standalone model
  • In case of multi sites    -> Client-Server model (Traffic Vision TM)

※Traffic Vision is Sumitomo Electric System Solutions' trademark in Japan.


  • Delivery planning based on a variety of constraints and requirements
  • Support for planning contingent on a variety of requirements
  • Realizing precise delivery time by using statistical traffic information
    (ex; VICS information in Japan)
  • Quick and easy manual modifying of results (dispatch lists)
  • Fuctionality for outputting various results

*VICS: Vehicle Information and Communication System in Japan

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